All co-ops have bylaws that are approved by the membership.  Bylaws are important in clearly setting out the legal obligations of the cooperative.  Our co-op is no different.

The Co-op Housing Development Group (CHDG) Inc. was incorporated in 2010 as a nonprofit community service (nonprofit) cooperative.  In April, our members approved the bylaws presented to them at a meeting called for that purpose.

However in early 2013, the membership undertook a process to help us clearly articulate our vision and mission statements and as a result decided to amend our Articles and bylaws to set out three classes of membership – developers, allied professionals and supporters.  We used Manitoba’s newest type of cooperative, a multistakeholder, to accomplish this.  Incorporating as a multistakeholder helps us clearly define the roles of each member and best use the wealth of skills and knowledge our members bring to the cooperative to provide resources to housing co-ops.

We ask that our members familiarize themselves with our bylaws.  You can view your copy here.

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