Developer Skills and Inventory

The following individuals have been accepted as members in the Developer category of membership for the Co-op Housing Development Group (CHDG) Inc.:

Blair Hamilton

Kerniel Aasland

Karl Falk

Cheryl Krostewitz

Each member has completed a self-assessment of their applicable skills and, after feedback from the Membership Committee, has indicated their preferred focus of practice within the following areas:

  • The cooperative model
  • Group development
  • Business development
  • Building project management

This designation is intended to serve as a starting point for community groups to identify potential development resources for their project.  Individuals who are interested in applying as a Developer must perform a self-assessment of their competencies, complete the Developer Skills and Inventory and submit it along with their cheque and Application for Membership.

Membership in the CHDG does not imply an endorsement of any individual developer.  Community groups or cooperatives should perform appropriate due diligence in engaging any developer, including interviews and reference checks.

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